Sitemap - 2022 - The Laughing Gallows

I Deal With Rejection Very Well Because I Am a Lizard (2022 Wrapup)

We Are Sorry Our Facial Recognition Software ID'd You As a Horse

Sorry, Tonya. Santa Can’t Fix Your Moms Student Loans. Ho ho ho!

A Few Laughs I Got During Fraught Moments in 2022

Ungrateful Kids! Back In My Day We Walked Uphill to College and It Cost $100 Per Semester

Dave Chappelle Booed Off Stage by Time-Traveling Former Self

POLICE HAZING: New Cops Forced to Drive Cars with Barely Any Flashing Lights

Welcome To My Small Business Where I Wish You a Politely Screamed Merry CHRISTMAS

Elon Musk Buys Marijuana Industry, Eliminates Puff Puff Pass Rule

EARNINGS REPORT: We Won't be Investigating Your Abuse

FIFA Cosplays US Thanksgiving by Abusing People and Calling it Tradition

Super Cool Tech Corp Has Cutting Edge Sexual Harassment

Star Corporate Lawyer Revealed to Just Be Suit Full of Cash

I Just Flipped From MAGA to Democrat Because I'm Writing my Tinder Profile

Elon Musk Opens Auto Repair Chain That Just Tells Customers Hyperloop Would Be Faster

True Crime Podcast Returns to Case of Who Sponsored This Episode

Nation Waits for Jan 6 Committee to Finally Order Burrito

Oil Exec Spirals Into Depression over Failure to Pollute the Sun

MTG Served Divorce Papers by Reality

Russian Commander Has Mixed Feelings About Promotion Ceremony Next to Open Window

GOP Blindsided, Enraged by New Biden Tactic of Popular Policies

Elon Musk Accuses Weird Al of Songs that, "Sound Like Other Songs"

Risk Board Game Rule Clarification: Losing Players Can't Simply Declare Annexation

Hurricane Ian Blows Away Man's Objections to Government Assistance

Our New Ebikes Will Change Your Whole Approach to Getting Hit by Cars

Astronomers on Hubble Team Gaze Wistfully at Young Punks on James Webb Team

Ailing Pets Fly to Heaven With End of Life Veterinary Trebuchet

Starbucks Drops Pumpkin Spice Latte Because Mix of Flavors Feels "Too Much Like a Union"

Men Writing Women Writing Men: The Wizards Globes

Amazon is Outpacing Our Business in Terms of Same-Day Delivery of Abuse

Air Travel May Soon Return to Being an Affordable Way to Get Treated Like Garbage

My Small Business's App Adds Local Flavor to Privacy Violation

Thoughtful Giant Pickup Owner Only Crushes Pedestrians Who are Already Terminally Ill

Hey, Rockstar! My Software Company Can Afford Copy Writers but not Coders

Smart Home Fire Suppression System Needs to Update First

Evil Bluetooth Headphones Plot Next Random Redial

Biden Springs Into Action With Emergency Executive Haiku

Corvette Owner Surprises Terminally Ill Children by Donating His Goatee

I Have a Taste for the Finer Things in Life, Just Like Every Other Sentient Being with a Functioning Sensory Organ

Movie Theatres Announce Pre-Movie Shows Will Expand To Include Pre-Pre-Movie Show Show

I'm a Middle-Aged Conservative Man Ready and Willing to Breastfeed Your Baby

I Might Have Left Facebook but I'm Still Very Interested in Promoting Garbage

Simone Biles is Great But You Should See My Mental Gymnastics

Late Capitalism Film Reboots: Star Wars

Mission Debrief: Spy Foiled by Inopportune Alternate Reality Popup

I Bet You've Noticed I Carry a Badass Pocket Knife

We Are Your Hotel and We Are Desperate to Receive a Message About the Environment Via Your Towels

I Support a Return to Full Time Office Work For One Simple Reason: I'm a Burglar

Join Me in the Metaverse for some Metabuse

Welcome to My Fetish Which Is Also Our Customer Support Line

I'm Your Server and I'm Barely Getting Paid to Ruin Your Conversation

Oh Good, My Car Tracks Me Now Too

I Am An Honest Billionaire Who Simply Wants to Have a Loving Sexual Relationship with Money

Suburban Atlanta Castle Defenses: Flanking Towers

The Mother of All Bike Sell-Offs

Why Does Amazon Hate Humor Writers So Much?

Late Capitalism Film Reboots: Titanic

The Answer to Safer Bike Commuting: Golf?